Radio Broadcasts

Sister Aimee broadcastingThe first woman to preach a sermon on radio, Aimee was also the first woman to receive a broadcast license from the FCC. Her radio station, KSFG, broadcast religious programs and sermons from Angelus Temple. The reason she bought the radio station was so that she didn’t have share air time with secular radio programs. She often called her radio broadcasts a church without walls because people could worship and be inspired at any time of the day or night.

Radio broadcasts were an important part of the engine that drove Aimee’s popularity in the United States and abroad. With the broadcasts she reached millions of people. She used target marketing to reach different audiences as well. For example, one of the shows broadcast feature music geared toward the African-American audience. This was in keeping with the doctrine of integration practiced in the Foursquare church.

Aimee’s broadcasts differed from other radio preachers of the day. The most basic difference is that Aimee was a woman. Most of the radio preachers delivered loud fire and brimstone you’re-going-to-hell type sermons. That kind of fiery sermon does appeal to some but it wasn’t Aimee’s style. Her sermons were delivered in a more gentle manner with stories from her life to illustrate her point, jokes, and music. When you listen to one of her sermons, you can hear Aimee laugh you might hear her cry but she rarely yelled though she did speak emphatically to get the point across. She was the first to trying healing through the radio, asking those who are sick to place their hands on the transmitter.